Article 2: The Personal learning space

person on mountain

McDevitt (2006) defines motivation as either an intrinsic or extrinsic, and ‘energises, directs and sustains behaviour’. I think it is important for students to learn how to practice self-direction, where learners are taking responsibility of their own inquiry, planning, managing, and evaluating their own learning experiences (Smith, 1996). There may be challenges for some students who may not have any experience in self-directed learning skills, and could lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety and often failure (Smith, 1996).

I agree with Cherry (2018) as she highlights the importance of self-efficacy when it comes to an individual’s pursuit of goals; ‘what goals we choose to pursue, how we go about accomplishing those goals, and how we reflect on our performance’ (Cherry, 2018). It is important for educators to teach students to celebrate their successes in learning, observe peer modelling, give positive feedback and practice self-awareness (Bandura, 1977). In relation to this idea of self-awareness, there is also a strong drive for educators to practice and teach their students how to reflect and think more ‘abstractly’ on their own learning and teaching patterns, processes, connections and progress (Pappas, 2010). This is something that I am mindfully practicing in different areas of my life, such as my studies, relationships, health and wellbeing, as I am learning about how beneficial it can be.


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