Article 3: The Digital learning space

Study Studying Learn Learning Classroom Internet Concept

Thornburg’s (2014) article insights the different benefits and challenges that educational technologies can bring to the classroom. I agree that there are many important factors to consider when choosing the right technology for the learning environment. Thornburg advises teachers to first ask themselves questions such as ‘what is the educational objective’, and ‘what software meets that objective’. I agree with Thornburg for reasoning behind this question and process, as these technology tools are costly, so schools need to choose the right technology with the greatest longevity in order to get as much out of them as possible. Another reason is that time in the classroom is precious, and therefore teachers and students must use the technology wisely (Thornburg, 2014).

A very popular classroom technology tool in 2018 is Google Classroom. Harrell (2017) provides beneficial insight on the future of our classrooms and it begins with Google Classroom. Google itself has changed the way that we as people, educators and students access information, organise, and create. Harrell, a teacher, describes his own use with this technology in the classroom, and discusses its benefits. Suggesting that Google Classroom can help students to be more collaborative, creative, use critical thinking skills, as well as self-manage their own studies and communicate with their peers (Harrell, 2017).


Harrell, D. (2017). Beyond Surfing: Google Classroom. Education Digest, 82(7), 32-35. Retrieved from

Thornburg, D.D. (2014). Ed tech: what’s the use? The history of educational technology is a   reminder that it’s not the machine that matters- it’s finding the tool that best serves your educational objective. T H E Journal [Technological Horizons in Education], 41(6), 27+. Retrieved from


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